Installing TOROS Manager


To install this software you need

  • Python >=3.6 installed, preferably in a virtual environment or a local installation.
  • Linux or MacOS operating system.
  • Root or sudo access.


To install, clone the TOROS Manager repo and run the makefile. Preferably use a virtual environment:

$ git clone
$ cd torosmanager
$ mkvirtualenv -p python3 toros
(ctmo)$ make
(ctmo)$ sudo make install

Installation requires root privilege. Root is only used to install the systemd or launchd services.

Depending on your operating system, this will install system services (currently only preprocessor) under /etc/systemd/system (the default path to install services in Linux) or /Library/LaunchAgents (the default path to install services in MacOS); and a configuration file under /etc/toros


To clean (delete intermediate files) and uninstall:

$ make clean
$ sudo -H make uninstall